Skin Diver


While snorkelers typically view from the surface, skin diving allows you to get up close and personal with the fish and coral if only for a brief time.



Not satisfied with just seeing the ocean from the surface? Want to get deeper without all the necessary gear for scuba? Sounds like the skin diver course is for you!


The Skin Diver specialty is open to all students ages 8 and over, regardless of whether they hold a scuba certification. There are no academic materials, but a thorough briefing will occur during which you will learn about the required equipment, pressure-volume relationships, and the aquatic environment. A single confined water session will familiarize you with your equipment and teach you the best techniques to take you deeper and let you stay down longer during your breath-hold diving. Get closer to the ocean that you love with the PADI Skin Diver course.


Skin Diver courses may be scheduled at the availability of the students and instructors.


International Scuba

Course Details

Age: 8

Prerequisites: none

Materials: none

Additional Equipment Required: none

Dives: 1 optional open water



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