Surface Marker Buoy


Have you ever surfaced from a dive and realized the boat was farther away than you thought and wondered if they could see you.  This course will not only help you deploy underwater but also show you different styles appropriate to your diving conditions



Safety is important in scuba diving and one of the best things divers can do to stay safe is carry a surface marker buoy. You may have seen your divemaster shoot these safety sausages up from the depths and always wanted to do that too. Now’s your chance!

You’ll learn the skills, knowledge, planing, equipment,  organization, procedures, techniques, problems, and hazards of diving with a SMB/DSMB.

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International Scuba

Course Details

Age: 12
Prerequisites: Junior Open Water or equivalent
Materials: none
Additional Equipment Required: SMB/DSMB, reel / finger spool, cutting device
Dives: 2



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