Tec Sidemount


Are you already an experienced backmount tec diver looking to dive in the sidemount configuration? Are you interested in becoming skilled in the art of technical sidemount before embarking on your technical courses? This is an intensive and thorough course on the current state of the art sidemount practices.



With the recent popularity of sidemount exploding in all areas of diving isn’t it about time you learn about the many benefits sidemount can offer you? Just a few of the reasons technical divers are turning to sidemount include; enhanced safety, streamlined configuration, easily scale-able to fit any needs no matter how big or small the dive, and ease of travel.

There are several current philosophies being used in tec sidemount and our instructors are well versed in all of them. You will be given the knowledge to choose the best tool for the job be it warm water with aluminum tanks or deep trimix dives in cold unforgiving seas diving high capacity steel tanks in a drysuit. It’s important to have the skill set to manage the diverse conditions with the proper configuration.

For the diver just getting started in tec diving you will get a chance to build a strong foundation with rock solid skills that will make your transition to tec even more rewarding.


International Scuba

Course Details

Age: 18
Prerequisites: Advanced Open Water, 30 logged dives, Recommended Enriched Air, Recreational Sidemount, Medical Statement with Doctors signature within 12 months required
Materials: Tec Sidemount Manual
Additional Equipment Required: Tec Sidemount Standard Configuration (with instructors approval), including 2 fully rigged deco cylinders.
Dives: 5 Dives over 2 days, 1 Day Class, 1 Day Pool


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