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3rd Annual Ice Hole Festival

News RichardT COMMENTS 31 Jan, 2020

Local and International Scuba Divers Gather at Wall Lake for 3rd Annual Ice Hole Festival February 7, 2020.

Ice diving is a pinnacle experience for many divers who want to check it off their bucket list.  International dive friends meet in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and invite the community to join in the celebration. 

SIOUX FALLS, SD — January 30, 2020 — What started as two friends getting together to ice dive for a unique experience, has grown into an annual event that calls to people from all over the US and Canada.  Thursday evening, PADI Ice Diving Instructors will meet and begin training to certify ice diving instructors and ice divers as well as prepare adventure divers for cold-water diving in freezing temperatures.

Friday at 7:00 pm (February 7, 2020) the community is invited to Wall Lake to share in the excitement when Landshark Scuba and Snorkel, Sioux Falls, South Dakota and International Scuba, Carrollton, Texas will host an Ice Holes Party with DJ and Bonfires to kick-off the cutting of the diving ice holes.  Non-divers are encouraged to attend.

Scuba diving is a family-friendly sport for ages 10 and older.  Scuba is adaptable to most physical abilities, providing confidence and a sense of freedom to amputees and paraplegics who want to be a part of an active community.

Ice Holes Party with DJ and Bonfires
7:00 to 10:00 pm Friday Night

Notable Attendees:

  • Tom St. George, Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico award-winning National Geographic photographer and noted cave diver who will be broadcasting to PADI.tv each morning and shooting photos for Dive Magazine.
  • Charles Dupont, Russell, Ontario, Canada  PADI Regional Manager, Course Director and Ice Diving Instructor Trainer
  • LeRoy Wickham, Colorado Springs, Colorado  PADI Regional Manager and Course Director
  • William Echols, Sioux Falls, SD, Owner Landshark Scuba and Snorkel, Ice Hole Festival Co-founder, PADI Ice Diving Instructor
  • Richard Thomas, Carrollton, Texas Owner International Scuba, Ice Hole Festival Co-founder, PADI Master Instructor, noted extreme diver adventurer

When: Friday, Saturday and Sunday, February 7, 8 and 9, 2020

Where: Wall Lake, Sioux Falls, SD

Sponsors: Apeks, Aqualung, Fourth Element, International Scuba, Landshark Scuba and Snorkel, PADI

For more information: 

Richard Thomas, International Scuba 469-733-7572, rich@internationalscuba.com

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