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Reliable Scuba Rental Equipment Going on that last -minute dive trip and need to rent equipment?  

Whether you need one or two things or a complete kit, we've got you covered..

International Scuba has a little different policy on rental gear than most dive centers. We rent the same top of the line gear that we have available for sale in our dive shop. All of our rental gear comes from manufacturers like Aqualung, Henderson, Tusa and Hollis.  We also have a complete line of dry suits available for rent as well.

If you don’t own your own gear we’ll put you in something you’d want to own.

# Item Name Weekend
1 BCD  
2 Regulators w/Computer  
4 Scuba Tank - Air  
5 High Pressure 100 Steel Tank  
6 Scuba Tank - Nitrox  
7 Wet Suit  
8 Semi Dry Suit  
9 Dry Suit $150
10 Dive Package Includes: Tank, BCD, Regulator w/Computer
Wetsuit and Weights
11 Complete Sidemount Package:  BCD, Regulators, Tanks and Rigging